The world's youngest country and its children are in the grip of a bloody civil war. Almost 900,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda since December 2013; a country with some of the most progressive refugee policies in the world. 


Uganda has committed to keeping its borders open, providing land grants to refugee families, allowing individuals the right to work and establish businesses, and access public services such as health care and education. However, they only have 15-16 per cent of the funds needed to respond to this crisis. As a consequence, food rations have been cut and children are increasingly vulnerable to violence and exploitation.

Bidibidi in the country’s north is now home to the world’s largest refugee settlement. Sixty-eight per cent of its population are children; many of them are scared and completely alone. All of them have witnessed or experienced extraordinary violence." - World Vision


We teamed up with the World Vision to give these South Sudanese children an opportunity to tell their story through the artwork of some the world's leading artists: Maser, Herakut, JR, Seth, Candy Chang, Sandra Chevrier and Slinkachu. Check out their remarkable work, listen to their stories and support these South Sudanese children by donating to World Vision.