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Sandra X Anu

Sandra Chevrier and Anupama Kumari Rai


Acrylic on canvas.

60cm x 45cm


Donate to Anupama by clicking below: ​

How it works

  • Bids can be sent using the 'Place bid' button and will only be accepted from now until  13:00 EST 17th of September 2021. Simply email the amount you wish to bid.

  • 'Current Highest Bid' will be updated daily at 7:30, 12:30 and 22:30 EST. 

  • 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity. 

  • For multiple bids from the same person, your highest bid will be considered your offer.

  • The winner of the auction will be contacted via email with a link to donate their bid to Make Love Not Scars (MLNS). The winner will have 24 hours to complete the transaction. 

  • In order to ensure the most amount of funds will be donated to MLNS, Apartial will cover the cost of shipping to the buyer. Artwork will be shipped rolled.

The Story

Anupama Kumari Rai, Anu to her friends, was born in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar on the border of Nepal. She is the youngest sister in a family of eight and was known throughout her town for her academic ability as a child. 


One night a neighbor’s friend with a juvenile grudge decided to take his hatred a step further from his typical teasing. While her family slept, acid was thrown through the window and Anu bore the brunt of the attack. She assumed the house was set on fire as she was consumed with a deep burning feeling fixated on her face. On arrival at the hospital, she was told they were not capable of treating her wounds and referred her to a facility in Patna. Unfortunately, the specific doctor responsible was on leave so the nurses simply washed her wounds with water. Without proper medical attention, she was left with limited sight and restricted movement in her arms. This was the first night of a battle that has span nearly two decades with several agonizing surgeries and countless attempts at seeking justice. But, to this day, the man responsible is yet to spend a night in jail as the judges believed she had only “simple injuries” despite being close to death. 

India DSC_0703s.jpg

When Make Love Not Scars (MLNS) met Anu, she had lived 18 solitary years shielding herself from the wider world before they supported her to take the next step. She has become willing to walk in public and undertake simple yet sensitive tasks like visiting the doctors on her own. To get to this point, she has exhibited an unmeasurable amount of courage and determination that is comparable to a moment of heroism from a Marvel movie. Enter the artwork of Sandra Chevrier. 


Conventional time-consuming teaching wouldn’t work with Anu as she expressed such enthusiasm that putting paint to canvas as soon as possible was the only option. How she approached the canvas, much like her conversations, was with constant attention and a contagious smile. The particular skillset needed for the task at hand had not yet been established but her movements were that of a young artist eager to experiment. As her portion of the painting came to completion, her satisfaction could be felt in the air as all eyes were admiring her attention to detail and the undeniable talent expressed during her first self-portraiture experience. 

The piece was then shipped to Sandra Chevrier's studio so she could add her signature style to complete the collaboration.


“She is the only survivor I’ve seen who has never shed a tear.”

Tania Singh, Make Love Not Scars

2 Sandra Chevrier (WIP c).jpg

For more information and how to support Anu and others, visit MLNS by clicking the link below:

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