The Liberia Project all started with the idea that art could be the catalyst to help transform the lives of a group of Liberian surfers. The team painted several murals in Robertsport in 2016 and then they built a Surf Centre and Creative Studio in response to the success of the pilot project.

The group built a hut designed by internationally renowned artist Felipe Pantone. This has become a centre for the community so they can spread surfing and creativity to the rest of Robertsport. The hut will also allow the surfers to repair broken surfboards, hold meetings, create designs, practice painting and more. The facility is stocked with the equipment needed to allow anyone express themselves through art or design while also being the new home to the Liberia Surf Association.

We hope this project will bring attention to the beauty and potential of Liberia by showing a different side of the story in order to reduce some of the stigma still surrounding the region after the civil war and Ebola crisis.


This has become an on-going project after witnessing the talent and enthusiasm of the local team. We will work with locals to spread creativity throughout the region while helping them develop their skills to enter careers in the creative industry.


None of this would have been possible without the support of Kwepunha Retreat who donated the land to make this dream project a reality.

Liberia - The Hut