Collaborations for Change

In July 2016, just months after the World Health Organization declared West Africa free from Ebola, Apartial landed in Liberia to reduce the stigma surrounding the region by telling their story through art. Given the situation, the community was keen to be part to the project rather than simply witness it unfold. While some were understandably skeptical, Conor Harrington, Faile and others eagerly donated designs so local surfers could paint the artwork and tell their story. Despite their lack of experience, the Liberian surfers spent days transforming numerous civil war ruins into exceptional artwork in a somewhat separated collaboration.


Since this first successful experiment, Apartial has brought art to those who need it most in several similar projects from remote Puerto Rican communities and indigenous peoples of Indonesia to schools in the center of Ugandan refugee camps.

While working around the world, we’ve found ourselves consistently standing among countless individuals that were full of talent but deprived of hope. They were all united by some sort of ambition but faced with a variety of barriers. With these moments turning in our minds, it felt right that our first show would give them an opportunity to earn the support they need while raising awareness for the issues that affect them.


Collaborations For Change connects some of the world’s most renowned artists with those in need. It aims to alter the lives of those behind the artwork and inspire action in those who stand before it.

Two years after our first project at the centre of the West African Ebola crisis, we are proud to announce our first show, Collaborations For Change. This will bring together creators from more than 10 countries connected by the ambition to make a change through art. It will see some of the world’s biggest artists, such as Conor Harrington, Kobra and Felipe Pantone, collaborate on original artwork with Ethiopian jewellery engravers, tattoo artists from the Mentawai Tribe in Indonesia and a host of other unique talents. Here is a little glimpse of what to expect in the early stages of 2019.