We teamed up with an aspiring Liberian photographer, Alphanso Appleton, to bring attention to the natural beauty and potential of his home country that has for too long been associated with tragedy rather than possibility. His incredibly powerful photographs of West African culture and surfing have been published in media around the world and inspired many to visit the region. We wanted to highlight his talent and allow him the opportunity to buy his own camera by selling his first print from his series entitled ‘Portraits of Progress’.

We worked with Alphanso to build a creative space and surf center in his hometown of Robertsport. ‘The Hut’ was designed by Felipe Pantone to provide a space for Liberians to spread creativity and surfing in the community. It was the base for Alphanso’s latest work, ‘Portraits of Progress’. He photographed people from his community as “their faces tell the whole story”. He captured their emotions from the “saddest to the happiest” to highlight how the country is progressing from a dark past to a brighter future.

JR’s Inside Out Project printed a selection from the series and Alphanso pasted them around Robertsport to start a conversation with the community through his work. This project was completed with the release of Alphanso’s first print from the series. He selected the “happiest of all, the kid is so full of loving energy”. This inspiring photographer is bringing his work to the world and we hope you can support his dream of buying a camera by purchasing “Portraits of Progress”.

Alphanso Appleton