Apartial aims to bring art to the people and places that need it most. In the last five years, we’ve had to honour of working with a wide range of creatives from Conor Harrington and Felipe Pantone to traditional tattoo artists from Indonesian tribes and Ethiopian jewellery engravers. Our projects are designed to empower those at the centre of an issue by ensuring they play an integral part in the process.  We feel fortunate to have partnered with Save The Children, World Vision and many others to bring work from some of the world’s most renowned artists to refugee camps, schools, universities and community centres across four continents. 


Apartial’s projects seek to transform lives and locations while creating awareness through coverage on platforms from CNN and Fast Company to Juxtapoz and Global Citizen. We hope to highlight the power of artists to capture the attention of the wider world and inspire action. Ultimately, we want to tell untold stories through art.